Announcement Now Sandbox

The Announcement Now website site is the sandbox for creating and developing websites, graphics, and videos by Setup Solutions LLC. This content/media will be shared with customers and other stakeholders as needed and may be password-protected during the development process. 

Need a Domain Name?

Setup Solutions LLC can provide you or your business with domain names for your website or email account. You can visit to look up and secure your domain name. Simply use the link below and use the domain search tool to check the availability of a domain name of interest. If the name is available, you can set up an account with Setup Solutions Hosting and purchase the domain.

NOTE: It is often a good idea to purchase related domain names like MyDomain.COM, MyDomain.NET or other similar domains to prevent others from getting a name too close to yours and that may cause confusion when users search for your site. You can also point these other domains to your site or to your Facebook Fanpage if you don’t have a site.

Hosting Services


Setup Solutions Hosting offers several hosting packages to choose from. The most popular hosting package is its’ Ultimate Managed WordPress package for just under $204 dollar per year. WordPress is a contact management system (or CMS). These sites can be edited live online. WordPress is an Open Source software and is one of the largest website frameworks in the world. You can find thousand of support and video to learn more and manage your site on your own if that is something you are interested in doing.